President's Message

Photo of ompany founder

Hi my name is Eric and my company is Steady Notion Ltd.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I always seemed to be on someone’s short-list for challenging roles throughout my career in the Canadian Armed Forces. I have helped build new organisations, developed asset tracking software for equipment valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, helped bring new SATCOM capabilities off-the-ground in record time. I have led groups of 3 to three hundred. I am a passionate speaker, award-winning author, full-time father, advocate and mentor for positive organisational change.

Throughout the decades of my military career I served across Canada, the USA, Europe and Middle East. Together, my business-partner Christine and I have a combined 40+ years of service in Defense and Aerospace.

My team and I have a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills to help companies execute bigger, better, stronger and faster.

Eric North, President Steady Notion Ltd

Who Are We

We are a dynamic professional services company with over 40+ years’ combined experience in defense, aerospace and information systems.


Steady Notion Ltd: Transforming organisations for a better tomorrow.

What We Do

Coaching, Business Analysis, Change Management, Proposals and more!

Our History

Steady Notion Ltd was founded on the idea that everyone can rise above their biggest hurdles in technology: all change begins with the right mix of people.  Our unique experiences in defense, aerospace and information systems helped shape the company to what it is today: a tried-and-true blend of innovative thinking, servant leadership, persistence and resourcefulness.